Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mixed Media on Canvas

I decided to play with a canvas and try to make a painting for my sister-in-law. It's was tough to figure out, because I wanted to use Tim Holtz inks, but they don't stick to a pre-primed canvas. So first you have to paint it with acrylic paints. I used painters tape to block off the areas, painted with acrylics and then I could ink with TH inks. I also used Rangers color wash, Maya Mist and Glimmer mist. I cut an "a" from my circut and used the negative space. I taped it down with painters tape after I had all my color done. Then I sprayed the "a" with glimmer mist. let it dry over night. In the morning I taped down the "a" itself and cleaned up any edges I need to. It was really fun and I felt like a real Artist. It turned out better then I thought.

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CarrieB said...

Beautiful project!