Friday, December 31, 2010

End of another year!

So in keeping with New Year and New Resolutions I have decided to get a jump on organizing my scraproom.  Hubby has taken the kids to a "kid-friendly" event and I decided to finally put away all of the layouts that I have created through out this year.  I'm allocating 2 hours for this task...that's when they get back home, but first a quick blog post and a little funny!

"We're scrapbookers...that's imposibble!"
I typically scrapbook chronologically, but with the help of Lain Ehnman and her LOAD challenges, I was forced to scrapbook what I had available.  With that being said, I have officially counted 52 completed layouts.  These are all unique designs and not a one scraplifted.  And to toot my own horn one more time, all 52 layouts are completed with journaling which as many of you know is my biggest struggle.  So, on average I completed 1 layout a week...not too shabby!

So here's to another year.  Keep scrapbooking friends!  The design team and I have a lot of fun plans for the upcoming year, so stayed tuned!  Happy New Year. 


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reflections of a year past!

The holidays are over and this is the time of year that I start reflecting on the past year.  I suffer from "ambitionitis" and  "my eyes are bigger than my stomach" disease.  So this year my resolutions are going to be a little different.  My resolutions are going to be more thought out and fewer.  I truly want to concentrate on doing a few well and actually making them a new habit as opposed to a huge list of resolutions.

So what exactly is a resolution?  According to Wikipedia: A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day

Reflecting back I had to go back to a blog post to find my resolutions for could just imagine how well I did with those especially since I couldn't find the list...So let's see how I fared:

2010 Resolutions
10. I resolve to scrapbook more this year...especially with all my peeps.
Happily, I can say I did this. Off to a good start.
9. I will keep my scrapbook room organized this year.

Well, it's clean right now, so that counts right?
8. I am going to challenge myself to teach some scrapbooking classes this year
Didn't teach any classes, but I made a video.  WooHoot!
7. I am going to learn how to create at least 1 digital/hybrid scrapbooking page
I did one on trial and error, so I wouldn't call that learning.  Sorry digi girls, this just wasn't for me.
6. I will step out of the box and learn new techniques
I learned how to use COPIC markers and loving all that I can do with them.
5. Set a goal to attend CHA Summer - it's back in Chicago this year...YEAH!
Bummer.  Didn't make it this year.
4. Take more pictures of my kids and family
Wow, I really bombed this one!  Maybe I should try Project 365 this year.
3. Organize my photos on my hard drive
Yeah, I'll do that in 2011. Wink! Wink!
2. Sew more on my pages...especially using felt
Still need to work on this, but I am signed up for a beginning sewing class starting Jan. 10th
1. Pray that God continues to bless my business so I can be an inspiration to my family and others. 
Hands down, God has blessed my business this year.  The more time I make for Him, the more he blesses me and my business.
So 4 out of 10...Okay, all of you teachers out there I know what percentage that is; Next year is a new year right?
As I continue to work on my resolutions for 2011, I truly want to hear some of your resolutions, so PLEASE leave a comment.  P.S. They don't have to be scrapbooking related. 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Scrappin' with Scrappy Friend

Hello everyone! I am Mimi's (a.k.a. That Scrappy Girl) friend, Jamie (a.k.a. Scrappy Friend) and I will be posting on this blog starting after the new year every Saturday, so be sure to check back on Saturday's to Scrap with me.

For my first blog post I wanted to share with you a layout I did using the new Jillibean Soup Christmas Line - Chestnut Soup. How adorable is this line? I just love Jillibean Soup and I am always so excited to get my hands on their new lines. This layout was done in less than thirty minutes and was so much fun to do. It highlights Owen's (my son) first time making Christmas cutout cookies which is a tradition in my family. Owen was such a mess after we were done making the cookies, however; we had so much fun so it was worth the mess.

I enjoy mixing different patterns in my layouts, as you can see I did a bit of here. I made the "photo corners" by cutting a 2x2 square, cutting it diagonally, and then cutting a triangle out of each of the middles. It is a technique that I learned a few years ago and use from time to time when I want to highlight more of the patterned papers.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jillibean Chestnut Soup page layout

Jillibean's Christmas "gift" Book

This cute little "gift" book is created with Jillibean Christmas, Chestnut Soup. I attached the ribbon from the back cover so it will wrap around and tie into a cute bow, Wrapping this book into a cute little gift. I made a folder to fit inside that holds each person's wish list and other Christmas list that I need. My other favorite piece in the album is the little snowman. I made him from layers of tissue paper that I ran through the snowflake embossing folder in the sizzix. He's so fluffy and cute.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Lights, Camera, A C T I O N!"

I got this crazy notion that being a techno-savvy as I am, I can make a video of a tutorial.  Actually, my Dad got a new video camera a few months ago and has been BUGGING me to make a video.  Well, after M O N T H S of prodding, I finally agreed.  
So today, I am bringing you my FIRST ever video demo.  This is a fun little Christmas tag which my daughter Brittany designed {She's behind the camera too}. We are using the New Unity Stamps Co-Branded with Jillibean Soup.  
The video is a little long, so next time I'll speed it up.  I had to do some editing {it was actually 6 minutes longer} so if you miss something or have a question, just leave a comment of email me.  Hope you enjoy it.  Lights, camera, A C T I O N!