Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whatever wednesday

So I just thought I would share this layout with you, This is my furbaby lilly, and she is just the sweetest thing!We have been playing with the idea of getting another dog, but to be honest we are afraid that we could never get another as sweet or as smart, or as good a she is.These papers are from gotmoxxie? and they are super cute!
I also thought I would share with you another layout that I made using a bunch of "found" objects, these paper flowers I made with some dictionary papers,there is a peice of corrugated cardboard which I painted, and glued some beads to.The snowflakes are actually the backing from some felt ribbon stickers.there are also some mirrors, and some white vintage roses that were in my grandmothers custume jewelery box.
I am very impatiently waiting for my scrappygirl package to arrive, so someday next week I will have some new layouts to show off from mimis lines, but in the meantime I hope you like these two.
what is the strangest thing you have ever used on a layout? for me it would be a peice of a mesh onion bag, although I did once scrap my DD's favorite pair of underwear, the pair that I had to wash every single night so that she could wear them again and again!
thanks for looking!
now I am off to stalk the mailman!!

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