Monday, March 8, 2010

Bows and Boys!

A few times a month I scoop up the kids and head for a playdate at the mall or the Golden Arches, but yesterday, I had a playdate!. Yesterday I delved into the world of hairbows. If any of you have little girls, you have probably been tempted by the adorable headwear/bows available for little girls. Locally, we have a wonderful little store called The Pink Hippo and while I have frequented their store on more than one occassion, they are just not in our SAHM budget.

I gathered up my little travel bag, micro-tip scissors, metal ruler, bag of ribbon and my bucket of buttons and off I went.
Here is what I made:

So here's the boy part of my story. So when I arrived from my playdate, I said to Hailey, my 4 year old..."Hailey, come look at what mommy made for you" Of COURSE she was super thrilled and immediately put them in her hair and started twirling and bouncing (she does that alot), well Hunter, her twin immediately started crying. Startled, I asked him what was wrong. His response "How come I don't get any bows" I responded "boys don't wear bows" He emphatically pouted "No Fair" just gotta love boys!

So how about a ribbon giveaway! Leave a comment of why you love ribbon. The winner will receive some ribbon goodness from Jillibean Soup! We'll announce the winner on Friday.

Have a great week!


Kelly said...

I use ribbon in at least 50% of my pages. I love the texture, the colors... I love everything about ribbon!

scrappyfriend said...

I need to use ribbon more in my layouts. It seems that when I crop I always leave my ribbon at home and then forget about it. I am going to set a goal to use more ribbon as it adds such a great element. By the the bows!

CarrieB said...

I love the texture and the color - like Kelly - but I collect (read:hoard) ribbon - I always think that it is too special to use! But I recently resolved to USE IT MORE!! EVERYWHERE!!! Check out my blog for a great use of ribbon if you want!

That Scrappy Girl said...

Congrats Kelly...Send my your snail mail address and I send you some more ribbon.

memories at thatscrappygirl dot com