Monday, June 14, 2010

Hijacking the blog!

Hi everyone!  I'm Brittany and I'm hijacking mom's blog...hee!hee!  I'm 13 almost 14 and next year I'll be a freshman in high school.  Whoo! Hoo!  I'm home on summer break and I'm trying to find ways to annoy my mom. LOL!  Just don't tell her; she'll probably give me extra chores around the house.  Ugh!  Anyway, here's a pic of me:
I have an even cuter boyfriend who is my best friend.  Here's a pic of us: Aren't we soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I saw mom looking at a SUPER cute website over the weekend and I saw that she ordered some new stuff.  Here's a sneak peak of what she ordered:

Unity Stamp Company:

Aren't this just adorable?  There's more on the website, so be sure to hop on over there.

OMG! I'd better go clean my room before mom get's back. 

Happy Monday! Oh! I almost forgot...I added some music.  You likey?  Geez mom, get with the times.



CarrieB said...

welcome brit!! what an awesome blast of energy you are!!! looking forward to hearing more from you! have a great day!!!!

sarah said...

hi brit! :) cute post!

tell your mom that she picked some fabulous products to put into her shop!