Thursday, April 15, 2010

What are You Scrapping?

Well, I just hate to admit, but I haven't been scrapping much lately.  I have had so much of this and so much of that going on, whew!  I am embarrased at how long it has been since I finished a project. Can I get an Amen here? Here are my top 10 excuses for not scrapbooking.

10.  Forgot to put the SD card in the camera.
9.  The camera battery died.
8.  The Easter pictures didn't turn out unless you count the back of everyone's heads (and butt's)
a good pic.

7.  I can't see the top of my desk.
6.  It's 6:43 am and my daughter just woke up...she obviously hasn't heard of sleeping in?
5.  I ran out of adhesive.
4.  Can't find the camera.  Where the heck is that thing?
3.  That playdate just wore me out...Going to bed early.
2.  Watching the NFL draft with the hubby...yes they talk about it 24/7.
1.  Too many paper cuts from all the new boxes arriving...October Afternoon's new line just arrived. 

Better get scrapbooking!  Here's a layout I snagged off of the OA blog.

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