Friday, December 3, 2010

"Lights, Camera, A C T I O N!"

I got this crazy notion that being a techno-savvy as I am, I can make a video of a tutorial.  Actually, my Dad got a new video camera a few months ago and has been BUGGING me to make a video.  Well, after M O N T H S of prodding, I finally agreed.  
So today, I am bringing you my FIRST ever video demo.  This is a fun little Christmas tag which my daughter Brittany designed {She's behind the camera too}. We are using the New Unity Stamps Co-Branded with Jillibean Soup.  
The video is a little long, so next time I'll speed it up.  I had to do some editing {it was actually 6 minutes longer} so if you miss something or have a question, just leave a comment of email me.  Hope you enjoy it.  Lights, camera, A C T I O N!


kristie said...

oh my gosh Mimi! very very cool!
great job! you go girl!

That Scrappy Girl said...

Thanks Kristie, it was a little nerve wracking...but thank heavens for editing. {{hugs}}