Friday, June 10, 2011

This Thing We Call "Life"

Mimi talked earlier in the week about being MIA because of moods which I too can relate with. I have been MIA for the past two months too, but mainly because of this thing we call "life" has gotten in the way! :) However, if this thing called "life" didn't get in my way once and a while I wouldn't have anything to scrapbook! For the past two months I have been running from one thing to the other which I know all of you can relate to. All good things, so I am not complaining, but it does feel better to get back to my normal at least!

One of my younger sisters was married in May and so even though I have had more than a year to get things done for the big day, the past two months were getting ready for the wedding. (Next week I am planning on sharing with you all the cool things that I was able to made by using products from That Scrappy Girl for the wedding.) Below are just a few photos that I wanted to share with all of you from the big day.

My family including my grandparents!

Me with my three lovely sisters.

My little man made it down the aisle with no problem!

So as you can imagine I have a TON of photos to scrapbook from this wonderful day. However, I am so overwhelmed with where to begin. I need your help! Tell me how you stay on top of your scrapbooking - everyday events and then when you have BIG events happen that can use scrapbooks of their own?

I would love to hear what you have to say! Please share your tips with us on how you organize how and what you scrapbook.

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kristie said...

beautiful pics!!
If I am going to do a scrapbook of a big event, then I go and buy a lot of color coordinated supplies, and just dive right in! I usually start by making little pouches of stuff for each page, like say the opening page and everything I think I may use on it, then the engagement photo and announcment, and everything I will usr on that page,, etc etc.. hope this helps. CaNT WAIT TO SEE SOME OF YOUR WORK GIRLIE!