Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland Wednesday!

Hi everybody, it's me Mimi. I live in Des Moines, IA and if you haven't seen The Weather Channel, or read today, well, we made the headlines. So far we have had 15" of snow and it's still coming down. And shhh! we're still in our pj's.

Now that we are getting closer to Christmas about all I have to bribe my children with is the thought that good ole' St. Nick will soon be here. They have a great understanding, thanks to Dora's Christmas special of the Nice and Naughty list...and frankly the threat of the Naughty List was the only way I could get them to take a nap today. So in keeping with that spirit, here is my take of the concept.

...stay warm today; hopefully we'll be able to dig ourselves out tomorrow...Mimi


kristie said...

we got quite a bit of snow too, but not 15 inches!I AM FREEZING!!!
I have this fear that I will never be warm again............... I miss the florida sunshine!
but that is a cute layout!

sarah said...

hopefully you all are keeping warm over there!!!

that's a ton of snow!

LOVE that layout by the way!!! very cute! :)


scrappyfriend said...

This is great girl! Those pictures are too funny! Great layout!