Monday, November 16, 2009

Manic Monday!

I'm calling today Manic Monday as this is the first official day as being a stay at home mommy that I think I've really lost it. I barely got 5 hours of sleep last night; the twins did not nap today, but fell asleep in the car on my way to pick up the oldest from basketball practice. To top things off it's 9:39 pm and they are still talking. Super Nanny, where are you?

Well, even though I haven't gotten the routine down yet and the day is almost over, I think there is still time for a challenge giveaway. Send us a link of a layout or leave a comment of your craziest day or a day in the life of.... The winner will recieve some Nutmeg Ready Set Chipboard. We will announce the winner in Friday's post.

The good news...December's kit is almost ready...last of the shipments coming this week...goodies for Elle's studios. We can't wait.

Here's a little card I made with some leftover scraps from "My Fall Beauty" layout.

Happy Scrappin' Mimi


Natalie Michaud-Lee said...

I think teaching 20 3/4/5/6 year olds I have a crazy day in the life of..
I get up thinking/scheming of great energetic ways to keep them on task and happy. Then I go to school and enjoy 20-30 min of quiet before they troll in. After that it;s all about rerouting crazy energy into productive energy. It is a very rough and tumble kind of class so you NEVER know what is going to happen yet. I am a conductor of chaos. When I get home I make dinner & crank my music. After I have drowned out the day I head to my craft room to create to my heartʼs content. I have scrapped my class painting, but I cant̕ post them with the pictures!

Candace said...

I think everyday is a crazy day since my son was born! He's 3 months old (as of Tuesday) and still hates to sleep and doesn't take a bottle. So not only am I mommy-on-demand, but I work a full time job from home and have a crazy boxer who is needing attention. My poor by himself most night since I'm so tired I fall asleep by 9:30! Yesterday, the dog decided to take a sprint around the neighborhood after dark (and while I was holding the baby), by the time I caught him and got him inside it was time for the bedtime routine to start, then dinner...which I was so tired I didn't pay attention to the directions on the pasta dish and completely ruined it. Good thing we had salad least that doesn't have directions!

Becky said...

A crazy day is like yesterday. After working 9 hours, hubby & I went to choir practice at church for our Christmas program. Because the clock in the church was broken, choir practice ended up going way, way over time. We still needed to take some Archiver's purchases to my daughter's home, so drove by there, and precious 2-1/2 year old granddaughter was still up. Of course we had to play, read her books, and do all the fun grandparent stuff. I helped get her in the bathtub, so her mommy could scrub her down, but she kept saying "Grandma, you can't leave...I have to tell you 'sumpin'", like she has this giant secret, which just melted my heart. When I'd ask her what she needed to tell me, she'd say "sit down". OK, what do you need to tell me??? "Want to see me fwoat" (translate -- float). She was just so funny that I couldn't leave, which threw us way behind...we ended up with cold McDonald's hamburgers in a sack to eat on the way home, but believe me, those times with our granddaughter are just priceless!

Beth Warren said...

My craziest day was taking 2 hyper boxer pups to a nearby mountain and allowing them to run wild - I went crazy chasing after them. My 2nd most crazy day was the other day when I was working 12 hours, and trying to finish med school application.