Tuesday, November 10, 2009

team member tuesday

Hi all Kristie here, one more little tidbit about me is that I like to make altered things,, I sometimes buys things just so I can alter them.so when I saw this little chipboard box by provo craft, I just HAD to change it into something beautiful,,,,,,,,,,,,,So I used the alphabet soup paper to "wrap" this box,, used some ink and a few extras and made a cute little gift box. I plan to use it to give some homemade christmas candy in.
I also made these two layouts with the alphabet soup kit,,,,,,, and have lots to work with still too.One for my little math whiz, Jared and he was so excited when I asked him to write his name for the layout.I love incorporating the kids own handwriting anf artwork in my pages. I think they will want to see this sort of thing when they get older. The other is of my little bookworm Hunter, he reads so fast, I am going to have to buy stock in the various publishing houses to pay for his new hobby!(which i will gladly do by the way)I punched squares out of the alphabet soup papers and then used a corner rounder on opposite corners to make the "leaves" of the plant.
so I just wanted to show you that the awesome kits from that scrappy girl can be used for more than just layouts,,, you can make all kinds of decorative things with them! and still have plenty left over to make more wonderful stuff!

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