Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping those New Year's Resolutions?

Well it's mid January and by this time I have usually given up on my resolutions. Well, not this year. This year I am going to stick to them and since I have them written down for all of the world to see, I can't really get away with not keeping them this year. So I'm working down my list and #10 is off to a good start. This week I am working on #9 Organizing my scraproom. Yes, I am extremely fortunate to have a scraproom, but it does double as my "warehouse" and office. I keep the product for the business separate from my own personal stash...if I didn't, my accountant would shoot me. So now that inventory is finished, the "warehouse" is organized. Here are a couple of pics:

I have a flexible shelf system which allows me to adjust the height of the shelves to suit my needs. I keep all of the cardstock in Cropper Hopper paper organizers. I then hang the Bazzill swatches off of each container for easy reference. The cream and brown baskets are labeled to hold various items of product such as adhesives, ABC's, ribbon, chipboard, etc. The clear stackable containers are organized by manufacturer and then by product line. So for example: all of the Cosmo Cricket is on one shelf and then organized by collection such as Nutmeg, Lil Man, Girl Friday...etc. Lastly, the bottom section is for mailing...boxes, packing paper, tape, clear bags and tissue paper.

Now you will notice that I have not shared the other half of the scraproom. That was intentional. It's still a mess and a project in process. Now that the business side of things is organized I am moving on to my personal stash. This I am convinced is going to be more cumbersome and time consuming. I did sort, organize and file my scraps today. Once I got that done and checked off my list, I then realized I neglected to take pictures. But here's what I did:

Scraps Organization:

Accordian style file. You can find these at Target or your local office supply store.
Manilla file folders for each slot in file. Each folder contains a different color and is labeled.
White, off white, Pink, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black...certain you can organize even more by White solid, White Patterened, Pink Solid, Pink Patterened...Or have 2 accordian files, one for solid cardstock the other for patterened paper. I will probably try that one next year as my accordian tends to fill up fairly quickly.

Then Sort by color and file away. Pretty simple. Then when I head to crops I take the File folder with me and add to it after I am done cropping.

My next project for this week is going to be to organize my embellishments. This is going to take me some time, so I'm hoping to be done by the end of the week so I can post some pictures.
Here's what I'm starting with:

Leave a comment about your favorite organization tip...there may be some goodies in it for you...You'll have to check back on Friday to see!
Happy Scrappin'


Michelle*G said...

I need that closet! It's beautiful! I'm working on my space now (since the top of my desk is the only thing I can see) and I'm finding that my best organization piece is my Clip It Up. I love that I can see my embellishments and sometimes that is just the inspiration I need.

CarrieB said...

Wow!! That closet looks amazing!! I go through these phases of organizing - it just seems like I can't keep up on it ever!!!! Good luck with your resolution!!!

That Scrappy Girl said...

I too have a clip it up, but I found it takes up an enormous amount of space in the closet. I decided to use it when I participate at the local vendor crops.
I got all of my ABC's organized last night...still have embellies, ribbons, buttons and brads to too.
Thanks for playin'

Jennifer Hansen said...

When you get done, we'll have an organization party at my house :-)

janis said...

i sooo envy your closet!!!

Brianna said...

I love organizing my ribbon by color on clothespins and in jars. Looks cute and I can find just what I need fast!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hi! Ijsut came across your blog from Julie's blog! You do great work!
Ok, for a little glam, I have these painted martini and wine glasses that were too pretty to use for drinking out of (lol) so I have them on my desk and I filled them with rhinestones, buttons, and tiny embellies! Just for some sparkle in the room! Have fun organizing!!! xOxO deb

That Scrappy Girl said...

Deb email us some pics of your glam and I will make sure to post for others to see.

xoxo, Mimi