Wednesday, January 27, 2010

yet another use for your scrap stash

You know how sometimes you look at something , and the peices just click into place? Well, that happened to me when I saw this desk at a yard sale. I offered the lady $30.00 for the desk , and she said, "what are you crazy?, you can have that thing, it is a peice of junk"
So I carried it out feeling like I had won the lottery!And I took it home, sanded it down, painted it white, then mixed some timholtz distress ink in "peeled paint", with some water and some pearl ex pigments.I sponged that on , then used modge podge to stick the patterned paper onto the desk, then another layer overtop to seal it.
And I just LOVE my modge podge desk! what do you think?
So I was thinking that some of those "ta da" papers would look really cute on a desk or a dresser for a kids room, or craft room.
here are some links so you can see what you think
I also really like the chatterbox line artsy.licious and think it would look beautiful on some furniture!here is a link to that one in the store.
go have a peek.


AllyW said...

That's a great makeover and you gotta love the price! My first thought was, Wow, that's a lot of Mod Podge! Ha Ha. Cute desk.

CarrieB said...

Wow! what a transformation!