Friday, January 22, 2010

Organize Scraproom - DONE!

Last night was a late night, but I finished organizing my personal stash of supplies. I used some products from Cropper Hopper (they figured this stuff out, so who am I to argue).

I used the Cropper Hopper Binder for all of my loose stamps (definately worth the investment). Next I put all of my stickers/embellishments in the expandable folder which I sorted by theme: boy, girl, school, sports etc. I like Brianna's comment about the using clothes pins for the ribbon, however, I simply sorted my ribbon by solid and patterned. I then used ziploc bags. This way I could throw them easily into my crop bag. Buttons and brads each received a container (compartment sytle) which I then sorted by color.

My NEW favorite organization products are the 3" x 3" embellishment bags. These are so versitile and they come on a ring. Super easy to display, throw in your crop bag or just grab so you are constantly inspired. I put my most current items in there so I would make sure to use them.

Here are the remaining pictures of my room. This week's winner is Michelle*G. Please send me your mailing address for your goodies.

Thanks for playing and enjoy the rest of the day! Mimi


scrappyfriend said...

Love the sleeves on a ring. Those are great! Where did you find those at? Are they cropper hopper too?

Vel said...

Hey, that's a really cool idea for your punches. Everything looks great!

Jennifer Hansen said...

Very cool!

Natalie Michaud-Lee said...

I am liking the sleaves on the ring, and I am still considering the punches on the towel rack.....perhaps when I am back in my house!!
Thanks for sharing the room looks fabulous!

That Scrappy Girl said...

The sleeves on the ring are from Cropper Hopper as well. I used the 3" x 3" size. I also had some clear bags that I use for shipping which were a little larger. Really any zip type bag will work. If it doesn't have a hole in the top to hang, simply punch one in...glad you all liked the room. Thanks for commenting!

kristie said...

oh wow mimi!!
it looks awesome!
I am so envious!