Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Its Team member Tuesday!!!

Well its Tuesday, which means that I am supposed to chit chat a little about myself,,,,,,,

hmmmmm thats hard! I am so used to journaling about everyone else in the family, that talking about myself is a little bit of a challenge.I dont even have that many photos of myself, because I am always behind the camera,I am the one who takes the photos and documents the memories too.
My 9 year old Jared started asking me questions about myself the other day like my favorite color,favorite food, favorite movie, etc etc,, so this made me realize that
I dont have a lot of information documented about myself.So I have decided to try and change that,by making more layouts about me!

Now I will share a few tidbits with all of you about me,,,,,,,,,,,

I work full time as an open heart scrub nurse and am mother of four gorgeous kids,I have been married to my DH for 13 years and have been scrapping for about ten years.I love ink and distress and learning new tricks and techniques.
fave food,, duh! chocolate of course!
okay fave REAL food,,,ummmm steak and a baked potatoe!
fave color RED! love red! (and purple, and blue, and brown and yellow and,,,,,)
fave movie,,,,The princess bride ("as you wish princess buttercup")
fave scrap manufacturer.... seven gypsies,basic grey,GCD
fave scrappy tool,,, INK INK INK,
fave technique,, distress,, (umm did I mention ink yet?)and masking!

And keep in mind that any of these things could inspire a wonderful scrapbook page!

Soooooooooooo my challenge to you is to make a layout about yourself!Dont worry if you dont have a photo to go with it, just document something about you.
Here are a few that I have made about me,and one of them doesnt have a photo at all(and its still pretty cool!
Thanks for looking,

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sarah said...

LOVE this post, girl! :)

if i find time in my busy day, i'll try to make a ME layout! :) hehe.

great to read a little bit more about you.