Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - Use Those Scraps

Hey everyone! It's me, Sarah, and today I want to share some ways to use up some of your scraps from the "was put away and forgotten" pile. Just by using up your scraps, you could save a ton of money rather than having to use up your newly purchased scrapping stash. Here's a couple of ideas on how to save money:

One layout. Two ways I saved myself money.

1. When you want to create a mat or border for your layout, just use your leftover strips of paper rather than using a whole block piece behind your picture. Adhere the leftover strips to the edges of your pictures. Little amounts of paper can go a LOOOOONG way. :)
See the green mat behind the picture on the left? Well, those are just cardstock strips that I had leftover from the October Kit. Go on and try it! It's a simple way to save paper. :)

2. When you want to have embellishments on your layouts, go to your scrap stash before heading to the store. ((GOLDEN RULE in scrapbooking: Don't throw your small paper scraps away!)) Save those scraps to be used to make your own embellishment!
See those flowers on the right? Those are all hand cut by yours truly. ;) From my scraps, I just cut out small circles and created layered for dimension. I then punched a hole in the middle and added a coordinating brad. Add a stem, and you've got yourself a cute little flower.

Thanks for reading, and hope I saved you a coin or two. :)



kristie said...

love those flowers!

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

Great layout! I will have to "steal" the flower idea. I'm a flower nut!

Ali said...

Great THANKS a million!! -Ali