Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Let them eat CAKE!"

Today's post is a bit out of the ordinary...I have been taking the Wilton's Decorating Basics class and this week we had to bake a cake.  This was my first time baking a cake the PROPER way and HOORAY, it turned out.  Now our other part of our assignment was to use piping gel to transfer an image to our cake
                                                         <em>Wilton</em> W105 <em>Piping Gel</em>

My first instinct was to find a coloring page, but then it hit me.  Why not use a stamp?  So here's what I did.  I found a C U T E stamp from UNITY
                                                        Picture of Big Polka Dot Cupcake

Stamped the image on a piece of Bazzill Smoothie cardstock.  Then use the piping gel to trace the image.  Apply the image to your cake.

Then finish the cake with whatever colored frosting you like.  Here's how my first cake turned out.  Can't wait for dessert tonight!


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