Thursday, April 7, 2011

Technique Thursday!

Hi Everyone!  We have had some changes to our blog members so I'm bringing you today's post.  A few weeks ago, I shared with everyone how my friend Dawn inspired me as she is trying to "BUMP" up her scrapbooking pages.  Well today's post is just that.

TODAY, I bring you G E S S O
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Gesso By The Each

I have to admit, Gesso is new to me and my dear friend Heather is more of an expert at Gesso than I, but hey, we're trying new things here right?

ges·so   /ˈdʒɛsoʊ/ Show Spelled


–noun, plural -soes.

1. gypsum or plaster of Paris prepared with glue for use as a surface for painting.

2. any plasterlike preparation to prepare a surface for painting, gilding, etc.

3. a prepared surface of plaster or plasterlike material for painting, gilding, etc
For my layout, I used Gesso as a primer to my 12" x 12" Kraft paper.  I used some household objects (empty toilet paper roll, plastic fork) to create texure in my layer.  Once that dried, I added some pretty colors to enhance  my photo.  Finally for the conclusion, I added my layer of embellishments from Pink Paislee - Hometown Summer, title is a rub on (hard to see in pic), items to make it pop more.  And here you go, my out of the box, BUMPing it UP scrapbook page. 

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