Monday, April 4, 2011

Mojo Monday #14 {The Art of Story Telling}

Mojo Monday kicks off a new theme for this month.  The month of April is embracing something that proves to be a big challenge for a lot of us: Storytelling.  I hate to admit, but I am TERRIBLE when it comes to Journaling and Storytelling.  Recently, I looked back through some of my scrapbooks and I really have done a disservice.  Yes, I {CAPTURED} the moment, H I L I T E D the page, and I even Documented the EVENT.  But looking back years later...I didn't TELL the STORY.

This week I am challenging you to tell your story through your PHOTOGRAPHS.  Here's a few tips to consider when taking pictures.

1. A good story starts with an INTRODUCTION.  In Photography, this is your CAPTURE photo or your main photo that is going to TELL the story.  These shots introduce the characters or sets up the scene for the story.  The below picture is my husband and I .  Guess the event {OUR WEDDING}

2.  The Next part of a story or Your next photos {Multiple Photos on Layout} is the P L O T.  These photos are the supporting information to the story.  They enhance and SUPPORT the main photo or Introduction. So when you are taking photos, have a plan, what shots are you going to capture to help tell the story.

3.  Lastly, every STORY has a CONCLUSION or ENDING.  What is the closing shot that ends your story?  This photograph brings closure to your story.  Now I obviously wasn't the photographer, but this shot could have even been zoomed out further so that we were more out of focus or farther out of distance.  Another possible ending to this story could have been us walking away holding hands or traditionally, driving away in the horse drawn carriage.  Kidding...we didn't have a horse drawn carriage, but you get the point.

Have fun telling YOUR story.  Be mindful of the pictures you take and those you use.  Scrapbooking is an incredible craft.  Next week, I will focus on tips for JOURNALING your STORY.


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kristie said...

love blog post mimi!
and beautiful photos!