Monday, January 10, 2011

Mojo Monday - #2

So my girlfriend texted me last night and said she didn't have any visible desk space in her scraproom.  I couldn't help but {Crack Up}.  This of course leads me to my Mojo Monday challenge.

In keeping with our January Organization month, answer this question?  What's on your desk? (or scrap surface)  Does your room look like this:

or this

Well, thank heaven's my room doesn't look like the 2nd image, but in heaven, the first image WILL be my scraproom.  Here's what is currently on my desk:


3 cans of Diet Coke
1 bottle of Aquafina
2 Tag readers
Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cookbook
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 box
Leftover christmas card photos
Completed mini album - from a class 3 years ago
Glue gun
Splat mat
Beacon's 3-n-1 Glue
Video Camera
Copic Marker Wallet
Acrylic Block
Stamps (that I need to return to Jamie)
Empty Snack container


So Guess what this week's Mojo Challenge is? 

You guessed it:  {{CLEAR OFF YOUR SCRAP SPACE}} Load up some pictures of your scrap space by Friday and we will pick a winner.  Before and After would be great, but After's are fine too.  Head over to our Flickr group and become a member of the group and LOAD some pics.  Ready, Set, GO! 

{{Hugs}} Mimi


Jaime said...

I cleaned it off just last night!!!! I had Christmas stuff and bow making supplies all over it. Not to mention lots of my kids' "ART" I needed to control the clutter before starting a new year of crafting!

That Scrappy Girl said...

Awesome Jamie! You are ahead of the game! Way to start of the New year! Woo Hoo!