Saturday, February 12, 2011

make the most of it!!

sometimes you have to pack light,, going to a crop is fun, but sometimes very stressful for me.I want to take everything in my room!Yes I know that is not feasable, nor realistic, although I have tried a few times!(no kidding!)
Anyway, my point is that sometimes u have to grab just a few things, and make the most of it. So one saturday at 8am, my friend calls and says, "I can scrap today, but I only have a few hours,so how soon can you be here?" Well this sets of the panic button in my head ...........WHAT DO I TAKE?.........OMG!I CANT BE READY TO GO CROP IN 10 MINUES!!...........IT TAKES ME DAYS OF PREP TO GO TO A CROP!!!............
So I go into my craft room and after several minutes of hyperventilating I gather these supplies,

Some lovely papers by lillybee,pennylane, and some bazzil cardstock(my staple supply)some matching ribbbon and fibers,thickers for titles and some matching buttons.
and I was able to make six layouts and one card from these few supplies! I was pretty proud of myself,, it can sometimes take me hours,to complete one layout, and days to prepare for a crop!
so here are the layouts that I made,, what do you think??


jacque4u2c said...

You really rocked it! You made beautiful layouts and that card is so adorable! I love everything that you did!

Sparta Savings said...

Wow! Those are great! I always have the same problem when going to crops! I find it difficult to be minimal and not feel like I might not have enough! You certainly didn't spare in design though! I am a new follower!